Our story

The No.1 Eyelashes Company

AILIN LASH is a lash company specializing in the production and design of lash extensions and lash tools and accessories. We are a well-developed, self-owned lash factory with 300 employees. At AILIN LASH, our goal is to provide high quality lashes with a variety of fashionable lash styles and accessories.

AILIN LASH proposes the most innovative design and packaging services according to the needs and requirements of our customers. In addition, we offer fast shipping and flexible warehouse facilities. Whether it is the design team, production team or packaging team, our professional team is dedicated to work full time with utmost care.

With these years of experience in manufacturing and wholesale marketing, we have established perfect quality standards and customer satisfaction at reasonable prices.

After years of development, AILIN LASH has served thousands of brands, and our customers are all over the world, and we have developed many stable customers in the United States, Europe and other places. AILIN LASH believes that all this is due to our excellent quality of eyelashes, our thoughtful service and flexible solutions.

Company Values

Quality Manufacturing

The company’s expertise determines the quality of its products, and AILIN LASH specializes in producing high-quality eyelashes, each of which is carefully designed and developed by its in-house team.

The Lead Eyelashes Factory

The foundation of AILIN LASH’s factory is different from other eyelash factories. The story behind the settlement of our factory is worth reading and quite inspiring for our customers.

High quality eyelash material

The eyelash material we use is based on a variety of substances. It ranges from imitation mink to original mink fur lash material. Want more information? Please continue browsing.

Sustainable Development Principles

The sustainability of our products is a core value and a developmental perspective for AILIN LASH. Based on this, we expect to produce products that will last longer than expected, satisfy our customers and make our employees happy.

Wholesale Eyelash

AILIN LASH’s professional wholesale eyelash extension system simplifies the process for eyelash stylists, technicians, and trainers to manage their eyelash supply. 

Private Label

Whether you are a fledgling eyelash studio or a well-developed eyelash salon, you will need your branding package to enhance your brand presence.

Large Range Product

We have a wide range of eyelashes. You can select all of them. Our complete lash style support is designed to help users streamline the purchasing process and enable a one-stop shop.

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