leading eyelash extension factory

Our factory was established in 2003, is the enterprise professionally manufacturing extension eyelashes. It covers an area of 2,000 square meters, have more than 300 staff workers and have a full set of production system from researching & developing, materials purchasing, producing, inspection, packaging and exporting.

And our monthly capacity is about 2 million pairs. All our skilled & experienced workers, strict QC system, excellent management team & workteam and the keen eye to the market of fashioned products ensure that the products meet the international standards.

Step into our factory

Quality-oriented principles

Does higher quality manufacturing necessarily mean higher costs? The answer is no. In fact, as product quality assurance systems are developed, high quality products will cost less to manufacture, and at the same time, high quality products often mean lower recall and warranty costs.

For this reason, AILIN LASH takes the product quality control aspect seriously. As a lash manufacturer with many years of experience, we have strict control in the QA and QC process. Also, we have years of ODM/OEM experience helping branded companies design, develop and manufacture eyelash products. AILIN LASH allows you to get excellent and valuable products at a low price.

First-class Production Line

 AILIN LASH is a custom eyelash manufacturer and as such we have the ability to manufacture and modify a wide range of eyelash extensions. To this end, we are equipped with a skilled staff and a range of corresponding production equipment.

The AILIN LASH factory is clearly zoned, and we have many dedicated areas such as lash weaving, drying, packaging and quality control labs. Everything we have invested in is aimed at producing high quality eyelash extensions in large quantities.

Ensure employee happiness

As an ethical and responsible eyelash factory, we have many opportunities to improve the lives of our employees. Providing employment opportunities is only the first step; our employees also need adequate work space and breaks, safe and non-hazardous materials, and a comfortable working environment. We want our employees to be happy working and living in our factories.
To this end, AILIN LASH provides its employees with.
Ample greenery and restrooms in the factory.
Safe and harmless production materials and work clothes
Continuous training to help employees improve their skills.
Regular employee events to give employees a sense of belonging

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