Wholesale Easy Fan Lashes

Newest Eyelashes

Easy fan lash extensions are the newest eyelashes on the market that have the latest technology to actually fan themselves with very little effort. It is a revolutionary new product. D+ curl is available now, it can appear a very dramatic look.

Try To Believe It

Create a fan simply by applying a small amount of pressure with your tweezers, counting each lash and grabbing the number of lashes you want for your fan lash(i.e. 5d, 6d, etc.). After trying with 1-2 rows, you are going to like it. Try to believe it.

Creating a Fan Easier

Now with self fanning eyelash, creating a volume fan is easier than ever, massively speeding up volume lash application. Your work is cut in half and they fan so pretty. You can make a fan in seconds! No need to make fans before your client comes.

AILIN LASH Easy Fan Lashes Basic Configuration

We have a professional R&D team and work team, using advanced raw materials, using the industry’s leading physical high temperature processing technology, using high quality glue to make each volume lash premade fans.

We successfully tested the quality and usage of each eyelash, as well as the quality and use of the strip. Many customers are also absolutely praised. The root of each eyelash is processed in place, not fall apart, and fits well with the natural lashes.

More Specifications

  • Mixed length: 8-18mm
  • Thickness: 0.03mm/0.05mm/ 0.07mm/ 0.10mm
  • Curl: C/D

More Advantages Of Easy Fan Lashes


Less Glue to Create Bigger Fans

With pre-glued craft, the roots would not get loose while lashes being picked up.

And there is no residue glue left, ensure you can make big fans easily.


Double Volume than Volume Individual Lashes

Compared with traditional volume eyelash extensions, Easy Fan Lashes have double volume in each row, twice as much as that of normal lashes.

Service more customers per tray!


Length and Mixed Package is Optional

The material used for all lash extensions is PBT.

Matte texture, more soft and comfortable


Mix Length To Create Charming Eyes

The length of easy fan lash extensions is 8-25mm. According to the data analysis of client needs, this length range can satisfy most clients.

If your customer likes more natural eyes, you can pick up shorter lashes; if your customer like more charming eyes, you can pick up longer lashes.

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